Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Today marks the half way point of October.


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100 Photos in a 100 Days

So I’m not entirely sure if anyone is going to see this or not… But if you are reading this, why thank you!! Anyway, I am really interested to see who is out there and what y’all are doing. 

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Emma Mantoani (Senior)

Working with a friend can sometimes be hard because it is so easy to waste time, but working with Emma was great because she was focused on helping me great shots! She was always saying the 5 words photographers love to hear “Tell me what to do.” She was also adorable because I would take a picture and then she would burst out laughing, however she was always able to transform right back into serious mode like the amazing actress she is.


Sitting Fees:

*Portrait photo shoot- $25.00 (seniors, family, business, engagement)

*Equestrian photo shoot- $20.00

*Equestrian show- $30.00 (outside Sonoma and Marin Counties: starting at $40.00)

*Party photography- $50.00 (depending on length and location)

Printing Fees:

*Disc available for $5 (all photos, does not include edited photos)

*4×7 quality prints available for $10 a piece

Packages combining disc/ digital and prints are available upon request

Please mention previous experiences with photographer to receive discounts

A picture is worth a thousand words (Welcome)


Hello everybody!

So excited to start this new adventure with all of you!!  I hope this chapter of my life will go far but for now, it is about having fun and learning all that I can learn. Please share this page via email, social media, or spoken word! Maybe by the end of year I will have ten followers? Haha, well thank you for visiting my page and taking a minute out of your busy day!! Please email me with any questions and until then stay picture perfect!


P.S. Wow that was cheesy