100 Photos in a 100 Days

So I’m not entirely sure if anyone is going to see this or not… But if you are reading this, why thank you!! Anyway, I am really interested to see who is out there and what y’all are doing. Right now, it’s 11 o’clock on Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 and I am sitting here thinking about how my first two days of college have been pretty okay. I mean terribly boring in some spots, but really exciting in others. I’m realizing that this is basically our lives… pretty freaking awesome one moment… and the next not so hot. Well, I’m really tired and sick of looking back on the good AND bad moments. I learned from those bad moments and that is all that counts! So from now on I’m just going to (try to) focus on the good. My favorite way of remembering the best times are through taking photos. So for the next 100 days I’m just going to snap a photo of something cool that happened. Maybe it will an awesome experience or a beautiful view, but probably it will just be a cute photo of my cat (warning: it will probably be 75% cat pictures) I want you, whoever you are, to do the same. Maybe you’re one of those freakishly perfect who will snap a really cool photo every day or maybe you are like me and well barely make it 90, who am I kidding 80, photos. But anyway, in three months or so we can all look back and say hey maybe I missed a workout or flunked a test or lost a loved one or had to go through a really difficult time, but overall I’ve had some great times lately and there truly is something good inevery day.


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